Churches Under Assault: Will It Be Yours? 4 Things Everyone Should Know

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Attacks on churches have just escalated.

Is yours next?

Because of the illegally leaked Supreme Court decision, radical groups are targeting churches this weekend and beyond.

Here are four things everyone should know:

#1. Radical groups have targeted churches to protest the Supreme Court decision.

Across America, churches are being targeted for protest on a Sunday.

Hundreds of groups have used social media to mobilize protests. Groups such as rise up for abortion rights, Ruth Sent Us, Brides March, Dominican Women Development Center, Las 17, and Action Network have called for mobilization and protest.

Churches already have been under attack across America with graffiti, vandalism and fire.

Now it’s going to be worse.

Already a church in Boulder, Colorado was spray-painted saying “Bans off our Bodies” and “My Body, My Choice” on the church.

#2. The protests are organized.

The protests have organized and trained people who know how to mobilize.

Expect people holding signs wearing Handmaids Tale outfits, passing out flyers, and petitions.

Some might block the entrance.

Some might do a dramatic “die-in” and lie down.

Abortions put on the Handmaid Tale cloths, so as to compare laws restricting abortion to the ritualized rape and forced motherhood in the novel by Margaret Atwood.

#3. The Catholic church is the most visible target.

All churches are targets of the protests, conservative Evangelical churches especially.

But the radicals are primarily targeting Catholic churches as their #1 enemy.

Why? Two reasons.

  1. Because of the official Catholic position on abortion. It believes life begins at conception.
  2. Many of the court judges voting to overturn Roe vs. Wade are Catholics.


Justice Alito – Catholic

Justice Thomas – Catholic

Justice Kavanaugh – Catholic

Justice Coney Barrett – Catholic

Justice Gorsuch – Episcopalian


Justice Roberts – Catholic

Justice Sotomayor – Catholic

Justice Breyer – Jewish

Justice Kagan – Jewish

#4. What To Do:

  1. You can pray.

The church can pray.

Prayer warriors should walk to church groups.

  1. Don’t confront.

Many of the protestors are looking for a fight and confirmation.

It helps with the media.

And they are mad. This could be violence if confronted.

And, of course, the church must be prepared and not caught off guard if there are protestors outside…or in.

  1. Know the issue and reality.

Every Christian should have an understanding of what the Supreme Court is doing and what it is not.

The media and politicians are distorting the truth.

If you didn’t read our special report, “Supreme Court Abortion Bombshell Illegally Leaked – 6 Facts You Should Know As the Media and Politicians Go Ballistic” you can read it HERE.

Click HERE to see it.

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4 Comments on “Churches Under Assault: Will It Be Yours? 4 Things Everyone Should Know”

  1. Their only tactic is bullying. There is no logic or “science” (where are the doctors who see ultrasounds?) to support their murderous agenda.

  2. Greetings,
    As a person who has been a Christian for over 50 years, pastored a church, lived in 7 states and been active in 19 churches in those states, I have a comment.
    We have also, for the last 11 years, run a Christian Worldview Lecture series bringing in speakers from all over America to speak on everything to LIFE issues, to Islam and everything in between. You would know many of the names. We have people come from across the state. Most of the churches have NO interest.
    In my 50 years, I have NEVER heard a teaching on abortion or most other cultural issues. By TEACHINIG I mean, 30 to 40 minutes on ONE subject, from the pulpit on Sunday – history, logic, scripture, reasoning, and conclusions. It’s easy (and SAFE) to bloviate for a few minutes about abortion, it’s an entirely different thing to equip – teach on it so that people can engage their neighbor in kind conversation.
    I am also engaged across our state and have challenged many – “send me the LINK or CD or your pastor teaching on abortion.” NOTHING.
    So, I am not crying for most of the church. Most of the church is more interested on numbers and finances. They are – in fact – enemies of the Gospel because they MILITANTLY refuse to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. (Eph. 4:11)
    So, keep doing what you’re doing but, in my observation, the church of Jesus is going to be much different than what we see in most of our churches today.
    Dick Pence – Billings, Montana

    1. Perfectly stated! Many Christians, myself included, are literally starving for Life Application Messages from the pulpits. Yes, a few will be offended, and may even leave the church, which is something most churches today can ill afford. However, God Commands us to speak Truth, and denying God’s instructions in favor of pleasing the Bullies, is Sin.

  3. People need to get envolved with what is going on in our schools ,our children are being. Indoctrinated and we are losing them to the left.the church needs to get involved ,this will not go away ,this is evil taking charge of our world. Wake up America ! There are more Christians that need to step up and fight for the rights of our unborn children they are being killed and no one seems to believe this is murder.

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