Biden and the Democratic Party: Huge Effort to Convert Christian Voters [Video]

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Joe Biden and the Democratic Party convention had a complete organized effort to reach out to protestants, evangelicals, Catholics, the black church, Muslims and more.

The goal: to convert a coalition of “faith” voters for Biden/Harris and other Democratic Candidates.

Here are four things you should know….

1. Joe Biden has hired a faith coordinator and they have millions of dollars to spend on outreach at churches, radio, TV, Digital ads, podcasts, pre-rolls, and ballot harvesting.

Organized and using the latest marketing skills, they realize that President Trump was able to get the Evangelical vote in the 2016 election and they were not. Trump got 81% of the evangelical vote.

They are organized this time. And well – funded.

2. Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton had no desire to reach out to Evangelicals and Conservative Catholics. She ignored this voting segment of people.

Obama who ran before her had an entire large and well-funded division of his campaign who purposefully reached out to the evangelical vote and conservative Catholics.

Hillary Clinton refused to do that.

Biden learned a lesson.

3. The Democratic Convention had a major faith outreach program.

Speaking at the convention from the “faith” community outreach of the Democrat Party Included:

· Bishop Mariann Budde, the Pastor of St. John’s historic church across from the White House. This was the church that rioters tried to burn down but President Trump sent Federal Law Enforcement to stop…and he held up a Bible in front of the church.

· Reverend Gabriel Salguero of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition.

· Pastor Jerry Young of New Hope Baptist Church in Mississippi.

· Archbishop El Pidophoros of the Greek Orthodox Church.

· Rabbi Lauren Berkun of the Shalom Hartman Institute

· Sister Simone Campbell of the Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice.

· Reverend James Martin, Editor of the Jesuit magazine America.

· Iman Dr. Al-Hajj-Talib Abdur-Rashid, leads Muslim Mosque Islamic Brotherhood

· Prayer and speeches were part of the convention. You can watch some of these prayers at the bottom of the article.

· Senator Coons also directly addressed Christians.

4. One of the organizers, Biden Faith Outreach, disclosed part of their campaign to evangelicals.

To help fight for the faith vote, a high priority of the Biden campaign is organizing and mobilizing evangelicals to undermine President Trump support among evangelicals. 81% of the vote President Trump got in the 2016 election was historic. No other Presidential candidate has ever done so well.

· Despite the fact that Biden wants to pursue policies to strengthen the Palestinians and to undermine Israel.

· Despite the fact that Biden/Harris is the most pro-abortion ticket ever and could reverse all the pro-life victories we have had.

· Despite the fact he will likely do nothing to support the persecuted church as President Trump has tried to do.

· Despite the fact he is for the closing down of churches and has a history of opposing any religious freedom.

· Despite the fact he will support anti-Christian Judges.

Despite these non-negotiable issues for Christian voters Biden wants evangelicals to vote based on a dislike for President Trump, not policy.

The leader for the Biden faith outreach to the evangelicals is Josh Dickson. He is the national faith engagement director and grew up in a conservative Republican household but changed and switched parties in his 20’s.

One of the organized efforts is called Believers for Biden. It is designed to let the voter know Biden is trying to reach out to the Evangelical Vote. They recognize many of the evangelicals voting for President Trump have never voted for the Democratic party in the past but they feel should do so in this 2020 election.

Part of this outreach effort is evangelical Democrat Socialist, Senator Chris Coons, who has been a friend to Joe Biden for 30 years in the US Senate. Said Coons, “I think you don’t know Joe as a man of faith, you don’t really know him.”

Joe Biden has long made it known he is a Catholic. Though some churches have denied him communion because of his abortion advocacy.

Regarding abortion, Dickson said, “we are a party in the campaign that doesn’t take this issue or any issue lightly. I think it is clear that Vice President Biden is pro-choice, I think it is also clear that he is someone who really has a wholistic approach to maternal health and to women’s health.

“It’s not that they have such a fundamental disagreement on the gospel value, they may have a real disagreement in actions the government should be taking.” Senator Coon said.

To Dickson, selection is not about abortion, but systematic differences. As Christians we should not be surprised at the undermining of trump support and the winning of evangelical and conservative Catholic votes.

5. Christians must look at Policy and never compromise on their non-negotiables.

That is why scripture is so clear as we pray about this election, we recognize that the body of Christ is not deceived.

As Israel, the persecuted church, religious liberty, abortion, and the supreme court are all non-negotiables in this election…

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5 Comments on “Biden and the Democratic Party: Huge Effort to Convert Christian Voters [Video]”

  1. Now you are going to try and use the church to get votes. What next ????? I have never in 60 years seen such HATE BY THE DEMOCRATS. Where is YOUR RELIGION???? All because Hilary didn’t win. LOVE your neighbor not HATE your neighbor. God sees all. And knows all. Be careful.

  2. They are really going for the socialist Church HC called for during the 2016 election, and from what I see with all the POB and the man made Church the system, they are reaching it, pastors now back abortion, MAIL IN VOTES, THAT WILL DESTROY THIS NATION, 2700 say take the vaccine, when the Lord showed me in a vision they had three shots, and a huge one for Radical Christians, [ which Gates even told on utube] but they are for what the Lord warned against, THEY stand for evil and sin, WELCOME TO THE NEW SOCIALIST CHURCH OF TODAY, AND WE MUST EXPOSE THEM FOR THE DEVILS THEY ARE. WE ARE IN A REVOLUTIONARY WAR HERE, FOR THE CHURCH AND NATION. AND GOD AND DONALD TRUMP IS OUR ONLY HOPE, IF CHRISTIAN WILL DO THEIR PART GOD WILL DO HIS.

  3. I can’t believe so many people who call themselves a Christian would vote against Christian values. When I go to church I looked around to see how many have their Bible. Ministers today are about compromising with the world because they want the congregation. I prayed for Pastors and Ministers all the time the devil is busy they are being deceived. This is where in the Bible God will say depart from me I never knew you

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