Abortion: What If [Must See Video]

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Abortion comes down to if it’s a baby or not. Here is a powerful video that takes on the issues of rape, poverty, school… reasons given to justify abortion. Powerful, must see video, about 4 minutes long.


2 Comments on “Abortion: What If [Must See Video]”

  1. It really comes down to: do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Would YOU have wanted to have been aborted? I think not. Then don’t do it “unto others”. Makes logical sense, hmm? Ben Shapiro is one smart guy, with his head on straight.

  2. The approximately 60 million unborn babies murdered in America occurred, and will continue to occur, based on the extent to which the approximately 98 million citizens claiming Christianity fail to represent Christ in our constitutional-Republic form of government.

    We can assume that the mass evil having brought America to its morally, economically, and governmentally God offending emaciated condition, only exists because an edited version of God’s Word is taught that fails to admonish Christians of their biblical obligation to represent Christ in Government. Most churches today do not teach the true version of Christianity taught enough pre-1900s to catalyzed the aiding of the needy to the exclusion of government doing so and catalyzed the fight against British tyrants and slavery.

    Time to wake-up our ear-tickling and ‘slumbering shepherds’ to the fact that they are editing God’s Word to the exclusion of that which commands Christians to engage in works including the representation of Christ in government. If the church you are attending continues noncompliance with their biblical obligation to call their flock to representation of Christ, send your ‘tithes and offerings’ to a church somewhere in America known to fulfill this biblical obligation. Or, leave your bible editing lukewarm church, and start a ‘home church’ until a pastor can be found who teaches an UNEDITED version of God’s Word – then find an appropriate building for your church.

    Lastly, it is safe to say that the reason those who would work to remedy the murder of the unborn in government like Craig Huey (author of this blog who attempted to be elected) do not get elected when they campaign for office, is not due to their resolve or the efforts of those working for the campaign. The reason godly constitutionalists are not elected is because “the harvest was plentiful but the workers were few.” Meaning, your church leadership should be calling their congregation to find Godly constitutional us to run for office, then admonishing their flock (workers) to support them to the glory of Christ. This, assuming your church leadership loves and fears of God more than a fear lukewarm sheep leaving their church or fear those abusing their positions of authority in government bringing reprisal.

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