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The Reality Alert newsletter alerts you to what is really happening from a Christian worldview. You’ll get the real news you care about, and not the tainted liberal stories you read in the mainstream media. Check out the latest articles.

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You can vote and see who Christians will be voting for in the upcoming elections. Check back to get access to the latest polls.

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Vote for, not against, your Biblical values with our voter guides. You’ll get access to information on where candidates stand on critical issues, so you can vote your conscience. Click here to access your county’s voter guide.


Sign one of our petitions so you can impact the culture for Christ. Some of our petitions have caused congress to make positive legislative changes. Click here to check them out.

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Voting Moral Dilemma

As a Christian, your vote is recorded in eternity. How should you vote for candidates if their values don’t perfectly match your values? Click here for the answer.

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What Others Are Saying About Election Forum and Reality Alert

The lists put out by your organization are invaluable because they present and rate candidates according to Biblical principles.

Charlotte Towler

The voting recommendations are helpful. It gives me extra insight towards making a God-honoring decision on who to vote for. It is much appreciated!

Patty Broome

I’m very thankful for the election recommendations you publish. They are very helpful! Thank you for this service!

Steve Gazanian

Thanks for the wonderful website. I share it with about 60-80 people every year!

Liz Harrold

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New Government Order: Worship and Singing Banned in Church…

New Government Order: Worship and Singing Banned in Church… You can sing and scream in protests. But not in church. Hypocrisy. Yes. But that is the latest dictate from California Governor Newsom as he is joining other states in their assault on church and people of...

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Opening the Schools: Sparks Fly and Why it Must Happen

Opening the Schools: Sparks Fly and Why it Must Happen

The teacher’s union, biased media and pro-socialist politicians are pushing to keep the schools closed. Some districts are not opening. Others are. Teachers unions are fighting hard against reopening. Teachers unions are being totally political and frightening...

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