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Every 30 Seconds, a Christian is Killed!

Christians in the middle east are being targeted for genocide by Isis and other terrorist groups. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) has submitted a bill – H.R. 4017, The Save Christians from Genocide Act—which would designate all targets of genocide with emergency refugee status.

Please sign our petition to help us pass this much-needed bill that will save thousands of Christian lives!

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Voting Moral Dilemma

As a Christian, your vote is recorded in eternity. How should you vote for candidates if their values don’t perfectly match your values? Click here for the answer.

What Others Are Saying About Election Forum and Reality Alert

The lists put out by your organization are invaluable because they present and rate candidates according to Biblical principles.

Charlotte Towler

The voting recommendations are helpful. It gives me extra insight towards making a God-honoring decision on who to vote for. It is much appreciated!

Patty Broome

I’m very thankful for the election recommendations you publish. They are very helpful! Thank you for this service!

Steve Gazanian

Thanks for the wonderful website. I share it with about 60-80 people every year!

Liz Harrold

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“I’ve been receiving your newsletter for several years now and can say, without a doubt, it has helped me make Biblical choices on various issues. You are the only source that provides me with the truth.

“From issues that affect me and my family to signing petitions to specific issues that just apply to the area I live in, and especially now with this very important election. Thank you so much for your hard work and for so expertly and competently researching ALL the issues and passing them on to us. God Bless you!”

Donna Liebel

“Thanks Craig for speaking truth. Your guidance in this election, your countless hours spent on explanations of what each candidate, judicial, state measures, county, etc. pro’s and con’s. We are very thankful for your faithfulness to GOD and country. May Christ Jesus have mercy on us and heal our land.”

Ron Ruff

About Craig Huey

Craig is a small business owner, Bible teacher, and TV and radio commentator. He is the founder of the Election Forum.

His passion is to equip Christians with the right information so they can stand for religious liberties, political freedom, and economic prosperity.