7 Shocking Ways the United Nations Fails the Persecuted Church and Religious Liberty

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The United Nations is not really about uniting all the countries of the world around core values. The United Nations is all about uniting secular, Muslim, and Communist elements against any country which supports life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Here are 7 things you need to know about how the UN fails Christians and helps suppress religious liberty! … Read More

Religious Liberty Under Attack: Christian Bakers Persecuted (Video)

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Religious Liberty is under attack like never before. Just ask Aaron and Melissa Klein, the former owners of the bakery “Sweetcakes by Melissa.” The Christian couple declined to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The government then fined the couple $135,000. They lost their business and livelihood, and now they are appealing this terrible affront to their First … Read More

Shameful: Opening DNC Prayer Distorts Bible (Video)

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Muslim Imam Abdullah Jaber gave a distorted interpretation of the Bible during his opening prayer before the DNC Convention. He claimed that the Lord will answer our prayers if we remove oppression. But how did he define the fight against oppression? By supporting “Black Lives Matter”. He then added “All Muslims lives matter.” Yes, but what about the millions killed … Read More

Victory: Trump Dumps Forcing Schools to Allow Boys into Girls Bathrooms

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Obama’s aggressive liberal agenda attacked public schools and the privacy of school children for 8 years. One of his final regulations was to force schools to allow “transgender” students into the restrooms, locker rooms, and sports programs of their choice. This invasion of federal power into state and local schools was too much, and lead to at least a dozen … Read More

Teen Magazine Harms Kids with a Pro-Abortion Message (Video)

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Vogue Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine targeting the modern woman. Teen Vogue targets the under-20 years old market. With a 1 million copy print subscription, and an even wider readership online, this publication has a widespread influence. Sadly, It has a long history of promoting liberal values, with no moral compass for teenagers to follow. Their latest article: … Read More

Did You See My Latest Tweets on Reality Alert?

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Here’s what I shared on Social media this past week: Not sure how to vote in the March 7 LA County Elections? Check out our voter guide https://t.co/bykvPLn0zX #GOTV #LAVote #March7 pic.twitter.com/nkSqLiw7pb — Election Forum (@Reality_Alert) March 2, 2017 5 Things To Watch For In President Trump’s First Joint Session of Congress Address https://t.co/aHrtlmqAF9 pic.twitter.com/obQT8txgeK — Election Forum (@Reality_Alert) February … Read More

Volunteers Needed!

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We have great needs for video, phone-banking, data entry, writing, petition drives at churches, and more. If you want to help, please visit our volunteer page and sign up! Click here.