Carrie Underwood Discuss Faith on Oprah

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Here is a powerful interview on dating and marriage…and Christ…with Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher. What do you think? Email me at Incidentally, did you hear this Christian song from Carrie, Something in the Water. Click here.

The need to Unite in a Time of Division: Anger rages among many

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Americans are divided across religious, racial, economical segments. Even families and friends are torn apart. The only things that can unite us is love…Gods agape love…Gods unfailing, never ending love. And what we can do as Christians is to reflect His love. To the hurting. To the broken. And yes, even to those who hate us. And we can pray. … Read More

The Case for Christ: Top 10 Box Office!

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The Christian film “The Case for Christ” tells the story of apologist/author Lee Strobel. The atheist-turned-Christian makes a powerful case for Christ. The first week out the film grossed $3,900,000 from 1,174 movie theaters, coming in #10. You can see the trailer here. Click here. You can see where the movie is showing here. Click here. Did you see the … Read More

Egyptian Churches Genocide: Shameful Media Distortion

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Islamic terrorists are committing genocide against Christians in the Middle East, including Egypt. During Easter, the Egypt Coptic church closed many services, opting to hold small private worship services. Other churches were filled and overflowing, sending a message of the Resurrection power of Christ. Even at St. Marks that was bombed in Alexandria soared after the bombing, as worshipers defied … Read More

Trump Easter Message: Why the Liberal Media Hated it [video]

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Controversy exploded this Easter with President Trump’s first Passover/Easter Message. “This Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of salvation,” he said. “It is a holy day of reverence and worship. It is sacred time that fills the spirit of our nation with the faith of our people. America is a nation of believers.” He … Read More